Lucky 13th? The LGBT Film Festival is back.

The largest celebration of LGBT cinema in Poland. During the 13th LGBT Film Festival we will see films that explore issues related to human rights or identity formation, but also show the beauty of love that does not ask about gender.

LGBT+ Film Festival is one of the most important events on the cultural map of Poland. It takes place every year and became the biggest celebration of LGBT+ cinema in the country.

The audiences will have the opportunity to see films that are highly anticipated and highly praised by critics and international audiences.

The first screening of the festival will be the Brazilian Oscar candidate „Private Desert” directed by Aly Muritiba. A Film nominated to Queer Lion and winner of the Audience Award at Venice Days at last year’s Venice International Film Festival. The opening night will also be marked by a concert by Ramona Rey. She will perform a repertoire of Maanam and Kora, the heroine of this year’s LGBT+ Film Festival poster.

This year’s repertoire will be also full of outstanding female-led films. Among them, two blocks: LESBIAN SHORTS I and LESBIAN SHORTS II.

The film of the closing night, will be Canada’s „Wildhood”, directed by Bretten Hannam. It was previously screened as an official selection of the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival.

During the festival, in addition to film screenings, there will also be a concert, a conference and numerous meetings of filmmakers and experts with the audience.

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