About Us


Pro Diversity’s mission is to support organisations in creating an open and friendly workplace for all and to develop openness for LGBT consumers among polish companies.


Our organisation is being perceived as an expert in LGBT-workplace inclusion issues among polish companies. We help to make a real change with our partners in their environment and we are responsible for important campaigns targeting LGBT community and businesses in Poland. We are a part of a network of NGOs all over Europe focusing on LGBT & business issues – thus becoming one of the 5 strongest LGBT-focused charities in out country.


Honesty, Partnership, Professionalism, Openness, Expertness

Our history

Our core team started working on LGBT & workplace issues in 2010. Some of our employees have been doing that for years before. But it was LGBT Business Forum that got us together in 2014. It was the first professional organisation devoted to cooperate with companies on their D&I. For two years we’ve been building up the momentum to get to the point where we needed to move on and to close it down and create something new. And that’s how Pro Diversity was created.

With our experience, wide network of people in different organisations struggling to push the inclusion issues as far as possible and with support from our international friends (i.e. from Stonewall in UK) we were able to re-start our mission. With fantastic employees, great coaches and workshop facilitators as well as knowledge gained from business community in Poland we are now changing the organisations to their benefits – to help them become welcoming and open places where everyone can be themselves.

We’ve started up with diverse Board, very experienced Council and a lot of new ideas, we will be changing polish business environment, showing the advantages of being an workplace LGBT ally.


You can find our Statu here (Polish only).