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We provide tailor-made small or larger group training on basic LGBT information, about diversity and antidiscrimination in the workplace, about the legal situation for LGBT people and the labour code, and we present case studies and examples from other countries.


We offer our expertise in diversity management with a focus on LGBT employees. We consult HR documents, policies and codes of conduct. We also advise on introducing new products and wining new clients from the LGBT section.


We are facilitating meetings between organisations working on LGBT inclusion in Poland and abroad. Each and every three months we host them and provide our guidance and expertise.


In cooperation with experts, external consultants, and experienced researchers, and by utilizing variety of theoretical and empirical methods, Pro Diversity is focused on developing strong capacities in creating sound policies based on scientifically valid data gathered from the research activities conducted by research bodies.


In cooperation with different foundations, donors, LGBTT organisations, and other stakeholders, we strive to secure financial sustainability and to create conditions for complete self-sustainability of the organisation, and all of the other projects, actions and initiatives, that address the LGBT issues and problems.

Latest news

Prides come together to organise Global Pride amid COVID19 cancellations

Pride organisations around the world have come together to organise a ‘Global Pride’ event on Saturday 27 June 2020, in response to the hundreds of Pride celebrations that have been cancelled […]

We strongly support PrideWithTheT initiative

On this special day, Trans Day of Visibility, we want to support all trans* persons within the LGBTQ community! Fifty years ago, brave trans people stood up to police brutality, […]

We’ve joined the European Pride Organisers Association and InterPride

Starting from January 2019 Pro Diversity is a proud member of EPOA and InterPride. We are excited to join the new adventure with the partner organisations. The European Pride Organisers […]

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People behind the foundation

Jej Perfekcyjność

Jej Perfekcyjność

Chair of the Board

Sociologist, media expert and activist. From 2011 to 2016 organiser and spoke person of Parada Równości (Equality Parade – Warsaw Pride). Chair of the Board of LGBT Business Forum from 2014 to 2016 and Secretary of the Board for Volunteers of Equality Foundation for 5 years till 2016. Founder and – for many years – Chair of the Board of Queer UW. Ex-lecturer at the University of Warsaw. Trainer, organiser of many conferences, workshops and parties. Trans person. Known as a super-organised person and house music fan.

Magdalena Świder

Magdalena Świder

Member of the Board

social psychologist (MA, Warsaw International Studies in Psychology, University of Warsaw), trainer (graduated TROP School for Business Trainers), human rights activist. Involved with NGOs since 2006, between 2014-2016 Member of the Board of Campaign Against Homophobia. She specializes in LGBTQ-related issues (currently employed at Campaign Against Homophobia as project coordinator), research and educational projects. Expert in hate-crime prevention (co-author of „Hate crime Victim Support in Europe – A Practical Guide”).

Kajetan Stobiecki

Kajetan Stobiecki

Allies Programme Coordinator

Student at the College of Inter-Faculty Studies in the Humanities at the University of Warsaw. LGBT+ activist, co-organiser of the pride marches in Łódź (since 2012) and the Equality Parade in Warsaw. Member of the Board of the LGBT Business Forum Foundation (2015-16).

In Poland we are all at the very beginning of our journey towards LGBT workplace inclusion. We have a privilege to work with organisations that are willing to be a leaders on this path. We are proud to be the first and the biggest LGBT-focused NGO in our country taking care of one of the most important parts of people's lives. We sent around 1/3 of our lives in work. So let's make sure we can be champions in our workplaces and we can use our diversity as an advantage for our employers and ourselves.
Jej Perfekcyjność