Countdown to Parents’ Day: trans parenthood in Poland

With only a few days to International Countdown to Parents’ Day it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the problems transgender parents face in their everyday lives.

The Situation of Transgendered Parents in Poland

Trans families and trans parenting get little light on them. People often forget that being transgender exclude the desire and need for intimacy, closeness and having children – these are universal needs, independent of gender identity.

The relationship with a transgender person and its specifics such as the birth of a child by a trans man, t are taboo topics that society perceives as deviant or bizarre.

Stress, anxiety, fear of misunderstanding and lack of acceptance often accompany the everyday life of transgender people and their families. The experienced fear and insecurity are additionally reinforced by the forced divorce in case of legal gender correction of one of the spouses. This makes the parents uncertain about the possibility of retaining parental rights as well as causes many issues connected with raising and educating their children.

Every year, many people turn to the Trans-Fusion Foundation for support. Legal, when they want to stay in a relationship, knowing that the judicial process of gender correction will require a divorce first. And also psychological support when their partners/partners and children find out they are transgender.

Coming out and the need to be themselves can cause many everyday dilemmas: what is more important – my family, or completing the gender correction process? Will the gender correction process come at the expense of family? How to prepare it for this? How will it affect the lives of my loved ones and relationships in the family? Will they need support in their daily interactions with those around them?

Family First -project of the Trans-fuzja Foundation

The Trans-fuzja Foundation has decided in its research project „Family First – Trans-Parenting in Poland” not only to outline the situation of transgender families in Poland, but also to present the stories of some of its beneficiaries. This makes the report not only an excellent source of knowledge, but also an interesting read.

To read the text of the publication and learn more about the lives of transgender people in Poland visit Trans-Fuzja Foundation.

Source: Fundacja Trans-Fuzja