Another edition of Polish LGBTQ consumers research starts today

Annual LGBTQ consumer choices research will finish on 15th of April. Every Polish queer person is invited to take part in. The questionnaire is available only in polish at

The choices made by LGBTQ consumers often vary from general public’s decisions. The reasons for that are not only that the lifestyles of the two groups are sometimes different but also take into consideration if the brand is perceived as LGBTQ-friendly or not. This is why it is so important to check why some products are being chosen by the LGBTQ community.

– This year we’re focusing on more fun part of LGBTQ lives. We’re asking about their alcohol consumption and the coffee places that they go to. The survey is quite short and can be found at I strongly encourage all of you to take part in – says Magda Świder from Pro Diversity, the organiser of the research.

Researches on LGBTQ consumer choices in Poland have been done for a few years already. Each and every year they focus on different segment. For example: last year they were devoted to leisure and traveling and the year before – to banking and insurance. Each and every year over 1000 people take part in the survey. The results of the research are an important information on LGBTQ community in Poland.

The answers given by participants are also a valid information when it comes to choosing the most LGBTQ-friendly companies in Poland. Google Poland, Barefoot Wine, LOT and British Council were among some of the awarded organisations in previous years. The awards will be granted in late May 2017 during the Pro Diversity Awards Gala in Warsaw. This will also be the time when the results of this research will be announced.

The research is operated by Pro Diversity Foundation. It is fully anonymous and it takes around 5 minutes to fill out the research form.