May 2022 is European Diversity Month

The European Diversity Month 2022 takes place in May. The theme for this year is „Building Bridges”. It’s main aim is to encourage businesses to form partnerships with NGOs, government agencies, other businesses, cities, and civil society to work on diversity issues.

Why take part in European Diversity Month?

  • Diversity provides opportunities, so enhance its visibility among your staff, customers, suppliers and the public and raise awareness of its benefits.
  • Take a stand for diversity and equality by setting an example. This will pay off when recruiting and retaining talent, attracting new customers and increasing profits.
  • You will reassure your employees that in your company they are all welcome, respected and listened to.
  • You will make a public declaration that you are creating an inclusive working environment based on fairness, openness and trust.
  • You will show that diversity is needed now more than ever.
  • You will reinforce your reputation and build stronger relationships with your employees, suppliers, business partners and customers.

Bringing diversity to the workplace

  • Launch a company-wide awareness-raising effort that may also be shared with external stakeholders.
  • Add a promotional text to your email signatures, e.g. ‘Everyone should have the right to be who they are, no matter where they are. Let’s celebrate diversity together!’
  • Publish some personal/inspiring tales about diversity and inclusion from your employees, as well as an article reinforcing your company’s beliefs.
  • Prepare interviews with company professionals who are known for their professional and/or personal expertise in this area, in which they explain the challenges they have faced throughout their careers, the most important lessons learned, and their accomplishments, and then share them on social media.
  • Share promotional messages on your company’s social media (and encourage your staff to do so on their personal accounts, if they are willing), and use the special hashtag #EUDiversityMonth.
  • Prepare a video message or a blog post from your CEO or other senior management that emphasizes the significance of diversity, especially in the midst of the pandemic.

To learn more about this year’s edition of European Diversity Month visit the website.