The season of the Pride Marches has begun!

Last weekend Koszalin started this year’s marching season with the 3rd Pride March past Saturday, April 2nd, 2022.

Source: Marsz równości w Koszalinie

Originally participanst were to dance the March. It was supposed to take place under the slogan „Love Unites Us” as a proud and dancing demonstration, but the current dramatic situation prompted the organizers to change the formula and conduct the march under the slogan: „Love! Not war”. The organizers also emphasize that it was extremely important for them and for all the participants of the march to remember the LGBTQ+ people with refugee experience and those left behind in the war zones of Ukraine.

This is just the beginning of the season of pride marches. The following cities have already announced dates for events this year:

14 May – Lódź
21 May – Krakow
28 May – Gdańsk
4 June – Zielona Góra
June 11 – Wrocław
25 June – Warsaw
July 2 – Poznań
July 16 – Opole
August 20 – Szczecin