World AIDS Day is this Wednesday

World AIDS Day is next week. Despite the significant progress made in combatting the virus, HIV and AIDS continue to affect millions of people across the globe. World AIDS Day is an opportunity for you to stand in solidarity with all of those who have been touched by this disease. It is a day to ask ourselves what each of us can do to support those living with, and affected by, HIV and AIDS.

With that in mind, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates wants to share with you five ways for employers to engage on World AIDS Day (and year-round) to support employees living with and affected by HIV and AIDS:

  1. Use Accurate Language: HIV is Not AIDS
  2. Be Part of the Solution: Employer-Provided Health Insurance
  3. Understand Legal Protections for HIV and AIDS-affected Workers in the United States
  4. Support Employees in Travel and Relocation
  5. Support LGBTQ Resource Groups in HIV and AIDS-related Programming

Click here to get more detail about each of these.

On World AIDS Day, we honor the legacy of those who have lost their lives to this epidemic, we support those still afflicted by the virus, and we recommit to end HIV and AIDS across the world. We hope that this guide is helpful to your efforts on World AIDS Day and year-round.