Participate in Practitioners for Change!

It is very difficult it is to foster a sense of belonging in an organization- especially right now. Practitioners for Change was created with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practitioners in mind to aid in the realization of this objective of belonging.

Practitioners for Change weaves together vital conversations about racial fairness, mental health, and well-being to help practitioners both as professionals and as people.Beginning in late April and running through June, the series includes three different tracks:

  1. Dialogues: gathers DEI leaders to explore best practices and new challenges. These video meetings will bring together practitioners to discuss topics such as engaging in public policy, collecting inclusive data, and best techniques for LGBTQ-inclusive recruiting, among other things.
  2. Intersectional Virtual Learning: brings critical conversations about DEI methods to the foreground with an intersectional focus. Conversations with high-profile subject matter experts will be featured in this series, as well as actual tools and tactics for change.
  3. Practitioner Well-Being: Participants will learn how to develop their mental and emotional abilities in order to achieve greater personal and professional success.

To learn more about the initiative visit the Out&Equal website.

Source: Out&Equal