Project name:

Pro Diversity Allies Programme

Project description:

Pro Diversity Ally Programme is Poland’s first best-practice employers’ forum for sexual orientation and gender identity equality, diversity and inclusion. We work with organisations across public, private and third sectors to help them create inclusive and accepting environments for Polish workforce.

Pro Diversity Allies Programme

Features of membership:

  • Expertise and guidance

  1. Dedicated point of contact – our client account managers have a wealth of knowledge of best practice in your sector and region.
  2. Policy review –  we help you to ensure your policies are inclusive and communicated to all staff effectively.
  3. Free seminar series – we host events across Poland to share new approaches and practical solutions.
  4. Regular updates – we share our research and good practice guides.
  5. Networking opportunities – we have a vibrant network of organisations with opportunities to collaborate on new ideas and initiatives.


  • Visibility and branding

  1. Pro Diversity Ally branding – use our logo in your internal and external messaging to demonstrate a clear commitment to LGBT equality.
  2. Feature in Pro Diversity’s Out In Careers Guide – raise your profile as an employer of choice in the professional LGBT careers guide, available online and distributed in hard copy across Poland.


  • Strategy and benchmarking

  1. Index of Workplace Equality in Poland (IWEP) – use our definitive benchmarking tool to assess your organisation’s progress on LGBT equality according to best practices and compare yourself with others in your sector.
  2. While the Index of Workplace Equality in Poland is free to enter to any Polish employer, Pro Diversity Allies Programme Members benefit from support throughout the submission process and a tailored feedback meeting, to plan your next steps.
  3. Workshop design and facilitation – awareness raising sessions for all staff or targeted groups.


  • Extras

  1. Annual Pro Diversity Conference – Every year in June (during Equality Parade’s Festival) we organize a conference targeting LGBT and workplace issues. The event is dedicated to companies that wish to learn from each other’s experience. Your organization will be provided with two places at the event.
  2. LGBT Workplace and Market Research – You will receive two hard copies of our annual LGBT Workplace and Market Research – the only guide for employees as well as good and services providers to LGBT customers and potential employees.
  3. Pro Diversity Awards Gala – Your organization will be granted two seats at the annual Pro Diversity Awards Gala – the biggest business and diversity oriented event celebrating the most LGBT-inclusive organizations in Poland.


How to join?

If you’re interested in joining the programme, contact the programme coordinator: Kajetan Stobiecki via for additional information.