It’s officially Pride Month!

Today marks the start of Pride Month, a month dedicated to LGBTQ+ communities all around the world. Although the month is just beginning, the pride season in Poland is already in full swing. Today we will remind you what equality marches you can still visit!


June 2022

June 4th1st Equality March in Sanok

June 4th5th Equality March in Zielona Góra

June 11th14th Wrocław Equality March | Pride without prejudice

June 25thWarsaw & Kyiv Pride marching for peace 2022

July 2022

July 2nd Equality March in Poznan

July 3rd– 2nd Equality March in Bielsko Biała

July 9th-2nd Equality March in Kielce #Queerce

July 16th4th Equality March in Opole

July 30th4th Szczecin Equality March

August 2022

August 6th3rd Equality March at Woodstock/Pol’and’Rock

September 2022

September 3rd – 6th Equality March in Katowice

September 4th – 3rd Słubice-Frankfurt Pride | Queers Against Borders