Pansexual & Panromantic Awareness Day. It’s nothing to do with frying pans!

The 24th of May is Pansexual & Panromantic Awareness Day. It’s nothing to do with frying pans! Awareness Day. Pan Visibility Day is a day to honor and recognize those who identify as pan. To celebrate we’re answering some of the frequently about questions about pan identity.

Pansexual Pride Flag

What is Pansexual/Panromantic?

Pan is a root word meaning all: Pan is the attraction to people of all genders, or where gender of the person of attraction has no weigh on whether or not the pan person is attracted to them. Pansexual is the sexual attraction to all genders and Panromantic is the romantic attraction to all genders. Pansexuals and Panromantics see gender as a characteristic about a person rather than a deciding factor in who they are or are not attracted to.

Can Pansexuals/Panromantics have a preference?

Yes people who are pan can have a preference. 

What are all the genders?

Gender is just as diverse as sexuality. With sexuality there isn’t just gay and straight there’s pansexual, asexual, greysexual etc. In other words it’s nearly impossible for me to list them all because there’s so many ways a person can identify. I will attempt to explain it in the simplest way I can. Of course there’s male and female, some people identify as both (bigender), some identify with neither (agender), some can vary and identify as male sometimes and female other times (gender fluid).

My friend is pansexual/panromantic are they attracted to me?

Just because everyone can be attractive doesn’t mean everyone is. 

Can I be Pansexual/romantic and demisexual/romantic at the same time?

Yes! You can identify as pansexual demisexual or panromantic demiromantic. This is a thing. 

I am pan but I identify to other people as gay/bi etc is that okay? 

Yes, this is ok. It is entirely up to you how you identify with yourself and other people. This is not at all offensive, and it is entirely your choice. By doing so, you are not making yourself less pansexual or panromantic, and you are not offending those who identify with these orientations. Nobody should tell you how to identify, because it is your choice and no one else’s.