New & updated! Here are our workshop and trainings for 2018

Since it’s new year, Pro Diversity came up with new and updated workshops and trainings offer. These are only the most popular once chosen by organisations in 2017.

Here at Pro Diversity we try to update our offer to make it more applicable to your needs. Since we’re organising workshops each and every year for a wide variety of companies, we learn more and more what are you needs and how the changing economical and social environment make you evaluate your expectations.

This is why we’ve decided to share with you our new and updated workshops, seminars and lectures offer. These are the most popular and the most wanted once we’ve organised during the last year.

Do have in mind that these are only some examples – showing the most popular once.

Each and every time you ask us for support regarding LGBT workplace inclusion – we start an evaluating process with you to help us create the best tailor-made workshops and lectures for your organisation. Even those presented in the file below have been changed a bit each and every time, to better suit the needs of the participants.

You can download our new and updated offer here: Pro Diversity trainings overview (PDF file, ~1,5 MB)