Project name:

Polish LGBT Market and Workplace Research

Project description:

Over 1300 LGBT people take part in our annual research. The main two aims of the research are: to evaluate general situation of LGBT employees in Poland and to learn about LGBT consumer’s choices. The basic results are being announced every June and more in-depth info is available for Pro Diversity Allies.

The research started in 2012.

Every Polish queer person is invited to take part in. The questionnaire is available only in polish at

The choices made by LGBTQ consumers often vary from general public’s decisions. The reasons for that are not only that the lifestyles of the two groups are sometimes different but also take into consideration if the brand is perceived as LGBTQ-friendly or not. This is why it is so important to check why some products are being chosen by the LGBTQ community.

The answers given by participants are also a valid information when it comes to choosing the most LGBTQ-friendly companies in Poland. Google Poland, Barefoot Wine, LOT and British Council were among some of the awarded organisations in previous years. The awards will be granted in late May 2017 during the Pro Diversity Awards Gala in Warsaw. This will also be the time when the results of this research will be announced.

Selected results from past edition:

  • Only around 29% of participants know about non-discrimination policy in their workplace. 30% don’t know any and 40% answered “I don’t know”.
  • Around 43,5% LGBT people who participated in the research are outed in their workplace, almost 3% were outed by someone else. 34% people answered that they are not outed but they think that their colleagues know about their sexual orientation or/and gender identity.
  • Over 56% of outed respondents answered that nothing changed in their workplace after their coming out. Nearly 24% said that their environment has become more welcoming and opened. Over 11% participants of this group they feel like they are being discussed behind their back, 2% said that they are being laughed and joked at, 1,5% said that some colleagues are being aggressive to them. Nearly 1% are afraid of being fired because of their sexual orientation and gender identity and the same number said that they are being excluded from the group inside their workplace.
  • Only 19,2% of not-outed LGBT persons said that not being outed didn’t influence their life in a workplace. The rest of them said that because of hiding their sexual orientation or gender identity: 1) had panic attacks (51%), 2) are not as productive as they could be (22,6%), 3) had problems to concentrate (13,3%). Some of them had a suicidal thoughts and feel under additional pressure. (more than one answer was allowed)
  • When asked: ”are any discriminatory behaviors present in your  workplace?”, LGBT persons answer: 1) there are homophobic jokes being told out loud (35,2%), 2) they are being called names like “faggot” or “lesbo” (16,6%), 3) they didn’t get a promotion because of their sexual orientation or/and gender identity (4,3%). Some of them were also excluded from social events and parties (6,7%) and their reports about discrimination were ignored (3,4%). The most disturbing is that 4,2% were physically assaulted. (more than one answer was allowed)
  • 68% of survey participants say that it is important for them to know that the company brand  is perceived as LGBT-friendly. Only 24,7% says that it has no influence on their buying behaviour As higher the income than more  important it to them this factor.
  • In regards of companies and brands with a homophobic behavior , less than 10% respondents said that they wouldn’t care. 80,7% said that they would stop buying this brand and over 11,2% would tell about that to their friends. (more than one answer was allowed)