International Family Equality Day is here!

International Family Equality Day (held on the 1st Sunday of May) is an awareness day that celebrates the diversity of families around the world. The goal is to build peaceful and inclusive societies for long-term growth and justice for all inclusive institutions.

Rainbow families from all over the world, as well as their friends and supporters, will gather on May 1, 2022, to commemorate the 11th edition of International Family Equality Day (IFED), an international LGBTIQ+ awareness day that promotes family equality and human rights for all.

The theme for this year’s IFED is „family equality is everyone’s business,” encouraging everyone to enjoy diversity in all of its hues and forms.

Equal rights benefit everybody

Discrimination continues to be a source of stress for rainbow families and LGBTIQ+ individuals in general. It’s also a squandered chance for the entire society. “If societies allow discrimination, some of their members are forced to devote valuable time and energy to surviving instead of being able to contribute fully to their community’s welfare,” says IFED Co-President Benny Odongo. “It is therefore in the best interest of everyone to work towards family equality and equal human rights for all. It really is everybody’s business!”

Join IFED to help bring about family equality

Everyone can contribute to building an environment where family diversity is visible, legally protected, and cherished, regardless of who they are. „It’s all about educating yourself and others, using inclusive language, as well as speaking up and taking action if discrimination happens,” says Maria von Känel, creator of IFED. “And, of course, joining the IFED family is a great way of showing support.”

To get more information about the initiative as well as to help IFED in their strides for equality visit the IFED website.