It’s time for Transgender Awareness Week 2021

Transgender Awareness Week – celebrated annually in November – is a key time to uplift the voices, stories, and experiences of the transgender and nonbinary community through education and action. 

The week’s activities will culminate on Saturday, which is Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day where communities across the world come together to honor the lives lost to anti-transgender violence.

Sadly, this community is the target of a great deal of violence. At least 45 transgender or nonbinary people have been killed in the United States alone, with the vast majority of reported victims being Black and Brown transgender women. This violence is also compounded by the ongoing effects of the pandemic, racially motivated violence, and the most hostile legislative environment for anti-transgender bills in statehouses across the country. The need to step up for the transgender and nonbinary community is more important than ever.

In Poland police does not report hate crimes regarding LGBT community, so we are not really sure how many trans people have suffered any violence last year.

The team of Out & Equal has curated a list of our best resources and stories to support greater visibility and awareness of the transgender and nonbinary community. As we kick off Transgender Awareness Week, Pro Diversity encourages you to take advantage of these resources and recommit to transgender and nonbinary inclusion this week, and year-round. Our message to the trans and nonbinary community is clear and strong: You belong here. We are all fighting together for trans rights.

You can find all the materials here:

Out & Equal Resources

Transgender and Nonbinary Stories

Watch, enjoy, and share the stories from these amazing transgender and nonbinary leaders.

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