We strongly support PrideWithTheT initiative

On this special day, Trans Day of Visibility, we want to support all trans* persons within the LGBTQ community!

Fifty years ago, brave trans people stood up to police brutality, political indifference, and widespread hate. They stood alongside their lesbian, gay and bisexual friends and comrades, and said that enough was enough.

Half a century on, and as the current custodians of the Pride movement that sprang from this uprising, we acknowledge our roots and stand on the shoulders of those brave pioneers. We are disgusted and appalled by the visceral hatred and intolerance being targeted at the trans community.

Our Pride organisations are founded on a basis of respect, and we demand that all who come to Pride share our commitment to the equality and human rights of everyone in the LGBTI community.

Those who oppose equality and respect for any section of our community are as unwelcome at Pride as those who oppose equality and respect for every section of our community.

We say again that enough is enough. We are proud to be part of this great movement, and we affirm that our Pride stands firmly With The T.

Signed by

International associations
European Pride Organisers Association

National Pride associations
CSD Deutschland (DE)
Fierté Canada Pride (CA)
Svenska Pride (SE)
UK Pride Organisers Network (UK)

Pride organisations

  1. ARN Culture Pride Tenerife (ES)
  2. Athens Pride (GR)
  3. Atlanta Pride (USA)
  4. Baltic Pride (EE/LT/LV)
  5. Basildon Pride (UK)
  6. Belfast Pride (UK)
  7. The Belgian Pride (BE)
  8. Belgrade Pride (RS)
  9. Bergen Pride (NO)
  10. Bi Pride (UK)
  11. Birmingham Pride (UK)
  12. Borås Pride (SE)
  13. Boston Pride (USA)
  14. Bourne Free (UK)
  15. Bradford Pride (UK)
  16. Bristol Pride (UK)
  17. Brooklyn Pride (USA)
  18. Budapest Pride (HU)
  19. Bury Pride (UK)
  20. Calderdale Pride (UK)
  21. Cambridge Pride (UK)
  22. Capital Pride (USA)
  23. Capital Trans Pride (USA)
  24. Caribbean Pridefest (USA)
  25. Charlotte Pride (USA)
  26. Chester Pride (UK)
  27. Copenhagen Pride (DK)
  28. Cork Pride (IE)
  29. Cornwall Pride (UK)
  30. Coventry Pride (UK)
  31. Croydon Pride (UK)
  32. CSD Berlin (DE)
  33. CSD Bielefeld (DE)
  34. CSD Frankfurt (DE)
  35. CSD München (DE)
  36. CSD Rhein Neckar (DE)
  37. CSD Siegen (DE)
  38. CSD Ulm/Neu-Ulm (DE)
  39. Cumbria Pride (UK)
  40. Denver Pride (USA)
  41. Deptford Pride (UK)
  42. Digital Pride (Worldwide)
  43. Doncaster Pride (UK)
  44. Drogheda Pride (IE)
  45. Dublin Pride (IE)
  46. Dundee Pride (UK)
  47. Eastleigh Pride (UK)
  48. East Lothian Pride (UK)
  49. Estonia LGBT Association / Tallinn Pride (EE)
  50. EuroPride 2019 Vienna (AT)
  51. Fierté Montpellier Pride (FR)
  52. Fierté Montreal (CA)
  53. Folkestone Pride (UK)
  54. Grampian Pride (UK)
  55. Grenoble Pride Festival (FR)
  56. Hamburg Pride (DE)
  57. Hampshire Pride (UK)
  58. Happy Valley Pride (UK)
  59. Hastings Pride (UK)
  60. Herts Pride (UK)
  61. ILGA Portugal (PT)
  62. Isle of Wight Pride (UK)
  63. Jersey Pride (USA)
  64. King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Pride (UK)
  65. Kyiv Pride (UA)
  66. Lancaster Pride (UK)
  67. Leeds Pride (UK)
  68. Lincoln Pride (UK)
  69. Lisbon Bear Pride (UK)
  70. LGL / Vilnius Pride (LT)
  71. Liverpool Pride (UK)
  72. Long Island Pride (USA)
  73. Luxembourg Pride (LU)
  74. Madrid Pride (ES)
  75. Malta Pride / Allied Rainbow Communities (MT)
  76. Manchester Pride (UK)
  77. Manilva Pride (ES)
  78. Mardi Gla – Glasgow’s Pride (UK)
  79. Marsz Równości Lublin (PL)
  80. Milano Pride (IT)
  81. Milwaukee Pride (USA)
  82. MK Pride (UK)
  83. Morecambe Pride (UK)
  84. Mozaika / Riga Pride (LV)
  85. New Hope Celebrates (USA)
  86. New York City Pride / WorldPride 2019 (USA)
  87. Northern Pride (UK)
  88. Northumberland Pride (UK)
  89. Norwich Pride (UK)
  90. Notts Pride (UK)
  91. Öckerö Pride (SE)
  92. Oban Pride (UK)
  93. Orlando Pride (USA)
  94. Oslo Pride (NO)
  95. OUTBronx (USA)
  96. Oxford Pride (UK)
  97. Paris Pride (FR)
  98. Perthshire Pride (UK)
  99. Portsmouth Pride (UK)
  100. Prague Pride (CZ)
  101. Pride Amsterdam (NL)
  102. Pride Barcelona (ES)
  103. Pride Center of Statten Island (USA)
  104. Pride Cymru (UK)
  105. Pride Edinburgh (UK)
  106. Pride Fort Lauderdale (USA)
  107. Pride Houston (USA)
  108. Pride in Diversity (UK)
  109. Pride in Gloucestershire (UK)
  110. Pride in Hull (UK)
  111. Pride in London (UK)
  112. Pride in Newry (UK)
  113. Pride in Sheffield (UK)
  114. Pride in Surrey (UK)
  115. Pride Košice (SK)
  116. Pride Marseille (FR)
  117. Pride MK (UK)
  118. Pro Diversity Foundation (PL)
  119. Queer Montenegro (ME)
  120. Reading Pride (UK)
  121. Reykjavik Pride (IS)
  122. Rhode Island Pride (US)
  123. Roma Pride / Mario Mieli (IT)
  124. Rotherham Pride (UK)
  125. Rotterdam Pride (NL)
  126. Roze Zaterdagen Nederland (NL)
  127. Salford Pride (UK)
  128. San Diego Pride (UK)
  129. Skopje Pride (MK)
  130. Sofia Pride (BG)
  131. Southampton Pride (UK)
  132. Southend Pride (UK)
  133. Stockholm Pride (SE)
  134. Stockport Pride (UK)
  135. Student Pride (UK)
  136. Suffolk Pride (UK)
  137. Sunderland Pride (UK)
  138. Swale Pride (UK)
  139. Swansea Pride (UK)
  140. Swindon & Wiltshire Pride (UK)
  141. Sydney Mardi Gras (AU)
  142. Sydney Pride Festival (AU)
  143. Tbilisi Pride (GE)
  144. Thessaloniki Pride (GR)
  145. Torino Pride (IT)
  146. Trans Pride Dublin (IE)
  147. Trans Pride Fort Lauderdale (USA)
  148. Trans Pride Northern Ireland (UK)
  149. Trondheim Pride (NO)
  150. Twin Cities Pride (USA)
  151. UK Black Pride (UK)
  152. Varese Pride (IT)
  153. Variaçōes (PT)
  154. Vienna Pride (AT)
  155. Walsall Pride (UK)
  156. Warwickshire Pride (UK)
  157. West Lothian Pride (UK)
  158. West Pride (SE)
  159. Weston super Mare Pride (UK)
  160. Winter Pride London (UK)
  161. Winter Pride Maspalomas (ES)
  162. Winter Pride Scotland (UK)
  163. Witney Pride (UK)
  164. Worcester Pride (USA)
  165. Worksop Pride (UK)
  166. York Pride (UK)
  167. Zurich Pride (CH)