Our quarterly meeting will be hosted by Google Poland – and you’re invited to join

The meeting in March is dedicated to business value & good practices in LGBT workplace inclusion. It will take place on 20th of March.

This session is a regularly organised meeting for representatives of organisations interested in developing their policies and practices for LGBT workplace inclusion. It is dedicated for HR, diversity & inclusion teams and LGBT network groups representatives. This time the meeting will be kindly hosted by Google Poland.

In today’s complex world, companies sometimes find it difficult to identify and understand the business value of diversity and inclusion issues regarding LGBT community. Especially in environment where general public is not always supportive for LGBT rights. Still, some organisations do understand the importance of this matter and are willing to share their experiences and good practices. This session will be dedicated to good practices as well as understanding how business can grow from LGBT workplace inclusion in Poland.

If your organisation is interested in participating, feel free to contact us via contact@prodiversity.pl to receive an invitation.