Our services


We provide tailor-made small or larger group training on basic LGBT information, about diversity and antidiscrimination in the workplace, about the legal situation for LGBT people and the labour code, and we present case studies and examples from other countries.


We offer our expertise in diversity management with a focus on LGBT employees. We consult HR documents, policies and codes of conduct. We also advise on introducing new products and wining new clients from the LGBT section.


We are facilitating meetings between organisations working on LGBT inclusion in Poland and abroad. Each and every three months we host them and provide our guidance and expertise.


In cooperation with experts, external consultants, and experienced researchers, and by utilizing variety of theoretical and empirical methods, Pro Diversity is focused on developing strong capacities in creating sound policies based on scientifically valid data gathered from the research activities conducted by research bodies.


In cooperation with different foundations, donors, LGBTT organisations, and other stakeholders, we strive to secure financial sustainability and to create conditions for complete self-sustainability of the organisation, and all of the other projects, actions and initiatives, that address the LGBT issues and problems.