Miejsce.lgbt our map of LGBT-friendly places

Works on the map of LGBT-friendly places have begun. Our project aims to make it easier for LGBT people to find places and service providers who will not discriminate against them. 

Miejsce.lgbt is our new project, whose author is Jej Perfekcyjność, the foundation’s president. The map is not only to help non-heteronormative people find places where they will feel comfortable, but also to promote those businesses that want to be open and are willing to see LGBT people in their establishments. This, the president points out, is especially important in smaller towns and cities where there is no shortage of such establishments but often these places don’t talk about it anywhere. 

„I know that despite homophobia, there is no shortage of places in our country that accept and respect all employees and clients, regardless of orientation.” – emphasises Jej Perfekcyjność

Now, the project is at the stage of collecting applications and creating a database of LGBT-friendly establishments. „Anyone can become part of our project and support their local friendly venues at the same time. All you have to do is go to place.lgbt and report a business”- adds our president. 

Creating a database of LGBT-friendly businesses also involves a series of local meetings and webinars to convince entrepreneurs that being open to non-heteronormative people simply pays off.

„Research from around the world – including Poland – shows that despite the rather high level of homophobia in our country, companies that support openness are doing better in the market. They win because they know that diversity is strength.”- points out Jej Perfekcyjność

In the next phase of the project, a map will be created, as well as a mobile application, which will make it possible to find a place or service of interest to the user.

The project is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway from the EOG funds under the Active Citizens – Regional Fund programme. Its budget is 79 000 euro.

To become part of our project and submit an LGBT-friendly business to our base just visit miejsce.lgbt and fill in the short form on the website.