Companies with LGBTQ-inclusive ads can increase sales by 40 per cent

LGBTQ-inclusive advertising helps brands connect with the queer demographic, but it’s not just about a return on investment. For the queer community, as with all minority demographics, inclusion is also about economic equality and self-actualization.

In October 2017, the social media company released a study, LGBTQ Ad Format Effectiveness Study, in conjunction with Nielsen that surveyed 800 LGBTQ-identifying men between 18 and 54-years old. The study explored the efficacy of LGBTQ-themed advertising on queer consumers. It compared the effectiveness of inclusive marketing strategies with generic ads from the same brands. The study measured engagement in terms of brand recall, familiarity and affinity, as well as purchase and recommendation intent.

LGBTQ-inclusive ads were perceived to be significantly more positive than generic-themed ads. Sixty-six percent of respondents viewed brands that used LGBTQ-themed ads as “progressive,” relative to 56% of those brands with generic-themed ads.

After seeing the ads, 17% of respondents were likely to purchase from the brands with LGBTQ-themed ads, whereas 13% of respondents were likely to purchase from brands with generic-themed ads. Sixteen percent of respondents said they’d recommend brands with LGBTQ-themed ads relative to 10% who viewed generic-themed ads.

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